What is Buzzcardz!®?

Buzzcardz connects you with your target market, bringing them online from offline, helping you generate more leads, more footfall, more sales!

What is Buzzcardz?

It uses prominent displays of unique, promotional cards that can be taken freely from Buzzcardz!® racks. We site Buzzcardz!® racks strategically in venues frequented by your target consumer e.g. hotels, cafés, sports stadia, car parks, markets, shopping centres, etc.

How does Buzzcardz!® work?

Each peg on a rack holds your promotional Buzzcardz, ideal for your consumers to take and put in a pocket, ready for use when they want to use them - more likely to be picked up than a leaflet!

How does Buzzcardz work?

Each peg holds up to 100 trackable Buzzcardz, using your own artwork (or we can design them for you) and coded specifically to the location and your business, featuring your promotion on the face.

We track the response from your card promotion, which you can monitor online. Or if you don’t want tracking, you can use the Buzzcardz!® purely as a traditional discount voucher, where your consumer just presents the card to you to respond to the promotion. You choose.

By default we use the QR code as the primary means of response, but you can also choose from SMS*, email or a tracked telephone number*.

*additional charges apply

How much is Buzzcardz!®?

Buzzcardz!® promotion is cost-effective and accessible for all businesses. In fact, you can promote in our featured venues from only £1 per week!

What does it cost?

To promote in our featured venues from only £1 per week, just signup to our updates list and we’ll tell you how you can access this special rate.

The standard fee paid for active promotion in venues on the Buzzcardz!® network starts at £3.00 per week per rack location. Your minimum commitment is 12 weeks.

Apart from that we prepare your Buzzcardz!® artwork and print your Buzzcardz!® for £67 (if you run out of Buzzcardz!® stock on a promotion, we’ll print additional cards for free :)

And when you renew your promotion at the end of the term, your renewal cost is just the rental! Cheap as chips!

Want to promote in multiple venues at the same time? We offer a small monthly subscription which provides you with access to multiple venues of different types, depending upon your preference.

Get FREE promotion!

Sign up now for a 3 month campaign* and get an extra month totally free!

Free advertising

Want to get 16 weeks promotion and pay only for 12? When a new venue comes onto the network, it can take a few weeks before the venue goes live. During this time, if you register to advertise at that venue, we’ll give you an extra month of FREE advertising.

So you really can get 16 weeks and pay only for 12. Bargain. Just look for the 4 WKS FREE icon!

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Got a code? Enter it here

Register for a particular promotion by entering the Buzzcardz! code here.

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Finely targeted and flexible promotions

Use Buzzcardz! to target your promotions exactly where you need them, set expiry dates to limit how long they're active for, and set the number of offers available.

You’ll have these options available to you when you set up your Buzzcardz!® promotions, and you can edit them at any time, giving you the perfect fine tuning for your promotional activity. You choose the locations you want your Buzzcardz!® promotions to be sited too.

Know exactly what promotions work. And where.

Because the Buzzcardz! dashboard provides you with all the information you need about your Buzzcardz! promotions.

Choose the response mechanism you want to use, from QR code, text message, email or phone. We set up the tracking and your Advertiser Dashboard shows you activity from each of the locations you’ve decided to site your Buzzcardz!® So now you can identify what promotions work best and where.

Great design, fantastic response

You provide the compelling offer and our design studio will make sure you create a lasting first impression. Great design for the response you want!

Professional graphic design

We all know that first impressions last, and that’s even more apparent in advertising and promotion. Building a brand requires consistent quality communications, which builds trust and loyalty. That’s important for advertisers and operators alike.

As a result, we make no apology for stating that we don’t accept home grown Buzzcardz!® designs unless they’ve been professionally produced. We prepare your artwork from the information you supply, to make sure that it looks good.

Because at the end of the day, good quality design produces a better response, meaning that everybody is happy with the outcome.

Got questions? Here's some answers

For single venue promotion, advertising in venues on the Buzzcardz!® network starts at £3.00 per week per rack location. If you want to advertise on multiple racks, you’ll need to subscribe, from £9.97 monthly. We also have special terms which can reduce your ad cost - signup to find out more.

Apart from that, your initial campaign setup comprises your Buzzcardz!® artwork preparation and card printing of £67. 

Example:  You advertise on a rack in a venue for the minimum term of 12 weeks.

Artwork - design and print cards - £67
Advertising fees for 12 weeks - £72
Total - £139 or £1.65 per day

Advertising is paid for per location in advance, with a minimum 12 week initial contract term which you can renew automatically. New rack locations may be offered with 4 additional free weeks, so you contract for 12 and get 16 weeks promotion, provided you contract to promote on that rack before the rack goes live physically on the network. Follow us on Twitter to be sure you catch our promotional offers - announced on Twitter before anywhere else!

The minimum term for advertising in any venue on the Buzzcardz! platform is 12 weeks. You can renew at the end of your contracted period, at the weekly rate for the venue at that time. There is no upper limit on how long you can advertise for, but the starting date will be the later of 15 days from order or the date a new venue will be scheduled to have a physical rack live.

We do have some time-limited and specific promotions relating to some or all venues. To be informed about these promotions, you need to signup to our email list. We also announce new deals on Twitter too, so make sure you follow us too.

You can advertise on a rack location in any approved Buzzcardz!® venue. View our latest venues here. These racks are located strategically in places with high footfall, local popularity or visibility, with some locations being designated as Premium* locations according to their position and the venues they are placed in. To find out more, sign up here - no obligation.

You can advertise in any location for as long as you want, but the minimum term is 12 weeks. You can renew your campaign automatically, for a further 12 weeks too.

Anyone can advertise on a rack, just as anyone can advertise in a magazine. We do not place restrictions on advertisers, unless an Operator has specifically requested a location is made unavailable to certain industry sectors, which they are able to do. However, we may also restrict the number of businesses from a particular sector, if we believe the effectiveness of a rack is compromised by too much advertising from one sector. We have no plans at present to offer exclusivity on a rack, but we reserve the right to do so in the future.

The first 100 Buzzcardz!® are part of the advertising package for a Buzzcardz!® rack location. Should your promotion be going well, we will restock at no extra cost to you.

The default position is where you have an idea of what you want, with imagery and text, but don’t know how to prepare artwork for print. Our studio will discuss your requirements, obtain the relevant content from you, before preparing your artwork for online approval.

If you have no idea what to produce and need design assistance, our studio can provide design consultancy to you to come up with a design for you. This is chargeable separately and will require an upfront payment before we proceed.

If you are capable of preparing print-ready artwork from a spec, you can prepare your own artwork and upload it yourself. It will be reviewed by our studio to make sure that it meets our requirements before we add our bits and ask you to approve the final artwork online.

A Premium* venue is a venue which has significantly higher visibility, footfall or overall activity than the average, mainly due to their location. Operators of these types of venue may also be more sensitive about the type of advertising that is placed in their premises. Accordingly, these venues are priced at a Premium and advertisers need to be approved by the Operator before being allowed on their rack.

Yes, absolutely. 6 pegs on each rack are given over to charities and public service messages. If you are a charity, there are no advertising or campaign setup fees. However, if you need a specific response mechanism e.g. SMS or tracked telephone number, you will need to cover the transaction charges for that mechanism.

Like all advertising, that comes down to what you’re promoting and how relevant it is to the audience at the venue. There are so many variables involved that we cannot provide any guide to the level of response a business might receive from its promotion in a venue, but you can improve the likely level of response by making sure that your promotion has enough value to your target consumer that they want to take your card. We can’t guarantee anything, but pick the right venue for your target audience and provide value in your promotion and you should get a response.

Bear in mind also that because cards can be taken to be used at some future point in time, there will be an inherent delay in the timing of a response, unless you state that your promotion is itself time-limited.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to see the performance of your Buzzcardz in your Dashboard, available from the main menu on any page. You will be able to seem live stats of the number of responses you have received and from which response mechanism too.

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